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What is Aurorax?

The easiest way to invest and save in cryptocurrency cross-chain assets


Aurorax is the first cross-chain investment and savings app. We make it easy for users to use Polygon to register funds in an efficient and affordable way, while gaining access to investment opportunities on multiple chains. Today, this includes Ethereum and Polygon, but we plan to expand to other chains and protocols in the future.

Aurorax Protocol

The Aurorax protocol is everything that enables the de-trusted and decentralised execution of our cross-chain investment and savings solutions. Specifically, today this includes the smart contracts that power our investment basket and in the long term may include elements related to governance and scalability.

Aurorax application or interface

The Aurorax app is how most users will interact with the Aurorax protocol. Users will still be able to interact directly with the smart contract, but the vast majority will use the app to buy and sell underlying Aurorax assets. the Aurorax app is a dedicated interface designed to help users more easily view, manage and trade with their own self-maintained Aurorax shopping bar.
Last modified 4mo ago